Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Products and Services for 2012

With the start of 2012, come new and exciting changes at Boggs Printing. For starters, we are making the commitment to you to post to our blog on a regular basis. With that out of the way, let’s tell you about what’s happening at 216-218 N. York Road. We can now say that we are more than just your local printer - we are a one stop shop for your business needs.

We’ve recently partnered with Global Merchant Services (GMS) to bring you a wide range of fiscal services, all of which are catered to your individual needs. We are most excited about our ability to offer Credit Card Processing Services. By using Boggs Printing for your credit card processing needs, you will be receiving the lowest rates out there. We can offer you these fantastically low rates because we use inter-charge, instead of tier pricing.

Another addition we’ve made to our list of services is the sale of Toner Cartridges for your laser printers. We can offer you a price 25% lower than what you would find at an office store. Who better than a printer to tell you what the best priced cartridge is for your laser printer?

By adding these new services, it is our hope that you will see just how dedicated we are to making things easier for our clients.

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